Marbella Art Gallery

A few months ago, the Marbella Art Gallery (artbertgallery) made an exhibition at the Amare Hotel in Marbella, Málaga. Where he exhibited different works of his Gallery.

Aluminum frame

Aluminum frame

One of them was Ales Time, a work composed of a photograph of the Alexander Model and made by photographer Alberto Zaldívar. This work is composed of all the covers of Time magazine ordered chronologically I have printed in brushed aluminum. With a silver frame of 40cm, giving a size to the work of 230x300cm. An impressive and majestic work of the Marbella Art Gallery. Of course it has not been the only work in the whole exhibition. There have been many more, and now we will put a small gallery so you can see them.


Artbertgallery is a limited edition photographic art gallery, with authenticity certificate and signed by the artists.

We work only with professionals in the decoration sector, decorators, decoration stores. Architectural studies with decorators or any other area that depends directly on interior decoration and design. We distribute throughout Spain with free shipping to any part of the peninsula. Currently we also work and distribute in any other part of the world such as Miami, Los Angeles, Paris etc … If you are a private individual and want to obtain one of our paintings, get in touch with us and we will tell you where is your nearest store

Art gallery Marbella ART WITH LIMITED EDITION SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR Artbertgallery was born from the inspiration of the famous artist Alberto Zaldivar. Fashion photographer and decorator of international projects and furniture designer J.A Flores. Fusing both minds, one for photography and the other to create elegant and sophisticated spaces, comes to light is an elaborate line of original photographs. Alberto Zaldivar, artist and photographer begins to form from an early age. Born in Madrid and settled in Marbella since he was 12 years old, land that he considers a source of inspiration for each of his projects, taking him to win numerous photography competitions. It is basically decided by the field of fashion, where he ends up developing all his work. To turn it into today’s great passion and lifestyle. After several important recognitions, he decides to move forward and create images with different shapes and textures. Getting exclusive and original illustrations supported in different printing formats, entering the interior design market with a new concept for decoration.