How to decorate with pictures

The paintings are an essential element in all houses. They reflect our personality and add emotions to spaces. Discover how to decorate with paintings without fear of being wrong. It does not matter if you’re a fan of Andy Warhol’s pop art, Marilyn Monroe’s photos, abstract works of art or the authentic jewelry of masters like Picasso: all the paintings you have at home are going to talk about you. Below you will discover the keys to decorate any room with paintings and not die trying.

Rule number one: our table we have to like

When you are in front of your ideal picture you know it and feel it, so do not force it. The pictures you choose have to fit your style, be it a sheet, a painting, a photograph, a map or a print … Follow your hunch! Once in your hands, that picture will reflect who you are. A large avant-garde painting will show our daring character, see an example. However, a wooden frame with an ancient map will transmit our taste for the classic or character … adventurer?

Search carefully what you want your painting to say about you and your house. You have already done the most complicated thing.

Where do I put them?

On any wall you want to highlight! In some space that needs some life or in a corner of the house where you like to spend time to admire your painting with tranquility and enjoy it. The classic rooms for pictures are the living room, the dining room, the entrance or the bedrooms but they also have their place in the bathroom or in the kitchen …. Even on a terrace or balcony if they are well protected and does not affect the paintings ! The walls do not have to be white. Try to put your pictures on colored walls and you will see what effect more pop!

Alone or accompanied

If we have a work of art that we want to highlight, the best thing is that we hang the painting alone, without any other distraction that could overshadow it. We can also hang on a wall a series of pictures as a composition: rectangle, zigzag, aligned, wall type, colors, etc … The options are many but … Eye! Try the set before hanging it to see what it feels like. You can do the test on the floor or cut out pieces of paper with the same shape and composition you are looking for and do the test on the wall. How to decorate with modern paintings