Look no further, you have already found the idea you were looking for.

For all those who are looking to make a gift, not only original and emotional, but also be unforgettable and endure over time. You can find it on our website with limited editions and signed by the artist.


Nothing better than your gift remains in one of the walls of the house, and that every time you look at it they remember you. If with this I have not been able to convince you, I leave you other reasons why giving Art is a success.

1 – It is a unique gift. We live in a world where you enter a house and have entered all of them, we all share furniture and pictures from Ikea or any other large surface.

But giving an art picture with a limited series and signed by an artist is something else. Let’s say it’s a special feeling.

2º- It is a gift that will not pass to the last drawer, but will last in time and will always be displayed somewhere in the house.

Where you will always see and be able to admire, being worthy to speak with any guest present.


3 º It opens the doors to other ways of seeing the universe, you have a unique picture to be able to admire continuously.

4º- The presentation IF is important. Caring for every last detail is within the essence of Artbertgallery. We do not skimp on anything when sending a piece.

5º- What happens if you have not guessed right with the picture you like? No problem you have up to 15 days to return it and choose another one that you like more.

I think we can not give you more reasons for you to choose to give Art. Not only at Christmas, but birthdays, weddings etc …

Do not think about it anymore, go into our gallery and choose the work that you like best, give art.