Minimalist paintings to decorate the interior of your house

cuadro minimalista

To begin with, minimalist paintings, and in general everything that is minimalist, are characterized by being simple, by not having excessive colors and paintings or by being decorated in an excessive way. The important thing is that the basics are represented. That is why in these pictures you will not see grotesque images or full of colorful and shapes, but still they are very original and modern and they look great in all interiors.


cuadro minimalista

The minimalist decorative paintings help us to increase the style of the walls and the interior. You can choose a picture like this in which the black and white colors are the protagonists and thanks to them you can see the figure of a woman who has a raised hand and seems to want to touch the moon.

The decoration of the walls of your house with minimalist paintings

photographic art gallery

photo art gallery
You can also opt for minimalist paintings in which straight or curved lines predominate. In this picture you see precisely this: some straight lines that seem to be drawing the contours and peaks of some mountains in a blue circle that stands out against a white background. These paintings can be placed in all the rooms of your house and they are better when the interiors are completely decorated following the minimalist style.

The decoration with pictures.

Those who like animals we offer some paintings with animalistic representations. They can be ones like these in which only the contours of the animals are seen or they can be paintings in which the representations are clearly seen. This type of painting fits very well in interiors where light colors predominate, such as pastel shades or white.  

Abstract paintings for house decoration

Modern paintings to decorate the walls of your house

Among the modern minimalist paintings you can find ones that represent some of the most famous cities.
In these paintings the representation is of the characteristic symbols of these places with the image of a person walking down the street. They are one of the minimalist paintings for the living room that you can place perfectly in your living room or in your living room.

Minimalist painting with fish in black and white to decorate the interior

A very original and attractive minimalist painting is one in which several elements different from those already mentioned are combined.

You can choose a painting in which the protagonists are the animals, in this case the fish, and they are represented in two colors: black and white.

This picture will look great in clear interiors because the black color will stand out and attract attention.

Minimalist paintings with linear motifs to decorate the house or office

The combination of white and black can also be found in other forms and types of paintings. There are modern minimalist paintings that are divided into several pieces. These pieces are placed on the wall but a little space is left between them and in this way the image is divided. In this case, the predominant lines can be the lines in which curves and straight lines are mixed. This type of divided pictures are very well in the interiors of the houses but also in the interiors of the offices, since they increase the style and elegance.

Abstract paintings for interior decoration

On the other hand, the simple and the basic can be found also in paintings in which a pair of colors have been used for the creation of this, but the colors have not been used for the representation of a defined image, but to capture a series of lines that cross each other.
This is one of the paintings in which abstraction allows us to see things according to our subconscious.
Minimalist paintings with spots to decorate

And if you are looking for abstraction, we offer you paintings with spots that remind us of the famous Rorschach test.
In all the paintings in which there is abstraction you can find different forms each time you look at them, moving away from them at a certain distance.

Interesting pictures of deer with glasses for decorating the walls

As important as the style of the paintings in this minimalist case is the way to place them. In this section we will see some applicable options for any type of table. According to the size of the walls you can play with a combination of sizes. Every composition that we base in minimalist paintings or of another style must have a center.

Pictures of cats for interior decoration

For this, the larger one must be selected.
It will look perfect if it is placed above the sofa and not precisely in the center of the wall. When it comes to this particular wall it is best to leave about thirty centimeters between the sofa and the paintings. To make the composition of paintings look more harmonious, it is better to share some tones.
A minimalist painting for decorating the walls of your interior

If it is minimalist paintings with very dark details alternate with other brighter ones. The impact of the frame is a fundamental detail in these cases., Being the white is perfect for minimalist environments: on the other hand wood equally has its charm.

It is also not advisable to put too many types of frames together.

Modern paintings for interior decoration of the house

In the end the wall will not look good at all. Take into account that if they are going to be hung on the wall it is best to delimit the space. Before starting to make any hole you have to think about this. Thus we will have clear the space that will occupy each of our tables.
Nor is it recommended that the minimalist paintings are on top of each other.

Minimalist paintings with flowers to decorate the house

At least a gap of about five centimeters should be left. When it comes to pieces with dimensions below seventy-five centimeters it is better to place them above the visual level.
The choice of a symmetrical or rather flexible and free design will depend on our personal taste. In a minimalist environment it is best to appreciate the order.

Pictures divided into three pieces with curved lines and red circles to decorate the interior

A design with an irregular style will always have a dynamic effect. To avoid unnecessary holes, a simple way is to cut out some newspapers. Just with the dimensions of the pictures and see how our composition would look. With a little patience we will find the perfect variant for the wall in question.
Modern minimalist painting with a lot of style and elegance for the interior of the house

In practice, the walls determine the style and the variants of any composition. If it is a small one, do not abuse the size of the paintings.
It is best to think of those of medium size or rather small.
With a larger wall then there are more possibilities.
The minimalist paintings of greater format will be perfect.

Minimalist nice picture of two colors flowers to decorate the interior

For these cases do not forget to never leave at least forty centimeters of separation with the roof. A while ago we mentioned the impact of frames and we are going to take it up again. Materials like wood do not go out of style.

When you think of styles such as Nordic in light tones they are perfect.
Very modern abstract minimalist painting for home decoration, ideal for all spaces

Other styles like the rustic also appreciate its use with a difference in tone.

Pictures with aged frames would look better in a vintage setting.
The contrast is greater with white walls and framed in white. All the work in this case is highlighted no matter what it is. This is perfect for minimalist environments.
Minimalist painting with minimalist butterflies to decorate the interior

With walls in shades such as light gray the contrast is extremely interesting. The black variants are always an elegant detail. The same thing happens with the golden frames.

It is inevitable that classic and traditional detail but without abuse. It is best to use one and not several in the same composition. As we see in many photos it is not always necessary to make holes to place the pictures.
In the shelves also look perfect if we have a small shelf.


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