Tips for decorating with pictures

How to decorate with pictures. People usually have paintings hanging on the walls of their house. Whether paintings, illustrations, portraits or any other type of composition that generates harmony, beauty and elegance in every instance of the home.

Although it seems simple, decorate based on precise pictures of good taste and knowledge of the basic criteria, when placing each element.



Ideas for renovating your home with a low budget

The possibilities of combinations for a space are almost endless. They can be found in different designs, colors and shapes. They can also be personalized with photographs or family portraits

“The advantage of using frames to decorate a space is that they are easy to get and can be replaced when modifying the overall design of a room,” he says.

In this type of minimalist ornamentation the motto is pursued “less is more” In other words, use few elements that suggest large impacts.

It is not something new, rather an old practice. “What has changed is the way to install them, the content and type of frames”, explains Orantes.

The bathroom

Pictures with water resistant materials that do not deteriorate easily, is what you should take into account to beautify this place.

“Mirrors of different formats are usually placed in the bathrooms. So it is important to take into account the size, type of mirror frame. To match the frames of decorative paintings ”



The bedroom

Vertical paintings and canvases are very fashionable. XXL sizes too, as we can see in any decoration store. Where the triptychs are a very popular idea.

Travel is another hobby of many people and is the perfect theme for paintings and canvases. ParisLondonMilanNY, are very portrayed cities that, combined with related elements, will be divine in the bedroom in a collage like the one in the image.