Do not you know how to make your living room special? Do you want your living room to be more welcoming? Would you like to give it a touch of distinction? It is not new that eclecticism works and also in your living room. It has been fashionable for decades and, since then, it has remained very present in all areas of what we know as lifestyle. In gastronomy it is known as fusion, in fashion it translates into combining garments of different styles, but also in combining low cost with pieces chosen from large firms. That detail that well chosen makes the difference. In the world of interior design follows those same patterns. “The secret is in the detail” The interior designer gives us four details that will help you turn it into a very different place. You do not want to leave it!

1.- Lighting is everything

As you may have heard many times, lighting can completely change a space, give it warmth, turn it into a cozy, pleasant place … If that good lighting comes in addition to some spectacular pieces, which do not leave anyone impassive, success is insured. Choose unique designs, attractive, and indirect lights, warm, inviting intimacy, confidences.

Lámparas Balloons Lucie Koldova Dan Yeffet

2.- The textures make the difference

Who does not have in the retina the image of a sofa, in front of the fire, in which to lie covered by a soft, fluffy blanket … Probably one of the images that most clearly identify with comfort. Transfer it from the small screen to reality and get yourself a sofa, some cushions and that desired blanket, in soft fabrics. Alcantara and similar textures are always a good choice for your sofa. The cushions in alcantara, silk, angora or wool; and the blanket, if possible, with long hair. To complete the set: a good carpet also long hair in which to sink barefoot.

Textiles Ivano Redaelli

3.- The counterpoint

Among those details can not miss a piece that attracts all eyes, that is radically different from everything that surrounds it. Get close to an antique dealer or that reference shop in whose shop windows you have spent hours, and enter. Treat yourself and choose an antique armchair, a secretary or a support table. Another option? Sure you have in mind some old furniture of the family … ask your mother to give it to you!